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Italian art from Primitivism to Rococo
Friday, 27.01.2017

Italian Hours offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore the public collections of Italian art housed in the museums and churches of Picardie. The exhibition takes its title from a travel book written by author, Henry James (1843 to 1916), in which he enthusiastically describes Italian monuments and art.

The exhibition takes place in four different locations — Amiens, Chantilly, Beauvais and Compiègne — and presents the main centres of artistic creation, from Turin to Naples, from the 14th to the 18th centuries. Two hundred and thirty one paintings, on loan from thirteen museums and eleven churches, provide the public with an overview of the scope and quality of Picardie's collections. The four exhibitions are organized in a chronological fashion, allowing the public to travel back in both space and time.

Italian Hours — Italian art from Primitivism to Rococo
Amiens, Beauvais, Chantilly, Compiègne and 14 satellite exhibitions in museums throughout the Hauts-de-France Region

From March to December 2017

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Architecture: Iran
Tuesday, 24.05.2016

DOM publishers have published a new book on Architecture in Iran, bringing together meticulous information on single cities and sites.

Thomas Meyer-Wieser
Architekturführer Iran
135 × 245 mm, 480 pages
1000 Images and Illustrations, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-392-6 (German)
EUR 48,00 /CHF 58,60
Published in May 2016

More images and information here.

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Saturday, 13.02.2016

Manifattura is a digital publication based in New York and Milan, run by Fredrik Gruber, Milena Zuccarelli, Beatriz Lamarca and Cristoffer Övergaard.

The magazine features and works with artists and makers in various fields through collaborative projects and interviews, aiming to inspire others by creating and discovering beautiful work of different formats and origins.

Check out their website: www.manifattura.co

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Do Independent Magazines need Awards?


Rob Alderson, former Editor-in-Chief of It is nice that, now columnist for Magculture, run by Jeremy Leslie, ponders about indies and awards.

Dear Rob and dear Jeremy,

As independent publishers, here is what we think: No matter how hoary the relationship between creativity and awards are, we know very well that winning plaques is not a proof for creative effectiveness. Yet, any voice given to an independent magazine is a voice/sign in the right direction. It will be educating those who still need education and to learn about the importance of an independent medium, namely brands, advertisers and investors. And besides the independent market can be cleaned and diversified as well; an award could be a good tool.

Read full Rob Aldersons article here.

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Behind the Scenes of Pirelli
Tuesday, 01.12.2015

The 43rd edition of the Pirelli Calendar was created by one of the most celebrated American photographers and portraitists, Annie Leibovitz, who shot the work last July in her New York studio. Leibovitz is also the creator of the 2000 Pirelli Calendar, which featured choreographer Mark Morris’s dancers. The 2000 pictures were the first set of nudes of her career.

Unlike previous Pirelli Calendars this time the focus is not on beauty and physiclity but more on intelligent, powerful and beautiful minds embodied by authentic talents.

The 2016 Pirelli Calendar features 13 women of outstanding professional, social, cultural, sporting and artistic accomplishment: actress Yao Chen, the first Chinese UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador; Russian top model Natalia Vodianova, founder of the charity Naked Heart Russia; producer Kathleen Kennedy, the Chairperson of Lucasfilm and one of the most influential figures in Hollywood; art collector and patroness Agnes Gund (with her granddaughter Sadie Rain Hope-Gund), President Emerita of the Museum of Modern Art in New York; tennis player Serena Williams, number one in the world; opinion leader, critic and writer Fran Lebowitz; the President of Ariel Investments, Mellody Hobson, who supports charity projects in Chicago; film director Ava DuVernay, whose films include Selma, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2015; blogger Tavi Gevinson, founder of Style Rookie and online magazine Rookie; Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat; artist, musician and performer Yoko Ono; singer Patti Smith, one of the top rock stars of all time; and the actress and stand-up comedian Amy Schumer.

The women are of different ages and backgrounds and have different kinds of careers. As was the case with the first few Calendars of the Sixties and, more recently, in Peter Lindbergh’s 2002 Calendar, or Patrick Demarchelier’s 2008 and Steve McCurry’s 2013 Calendars, there are no nudes.


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Friday, 03.07.2015

Yet another store?

“Yes. After a decade in luxury branding and niche publishing we found ourselves propelled into creating our own retail store.
Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication.”

Kimberly Lloyd,
Founder and Creative Director of Qompendium

Qompendium Print Publication is a selective journey through the multiverse of subjects from the fields of philosophy, art, culture and science.
It is produced in Germany and is a demonstration of premium print culture at its finest in utilizing various paper qualities, numerous custom colours and finishing techniques.
Qompendium is a well-curated, timeless, book-like read for the disillusioned rational yet aesthetically intrigued fountainhead, who is at all times in search of fertile thinking ground — a benchmark for content and production in the magazine environment.

Qompendium Work Shop?
Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication. It is created to nurture our readership with an open and ongoing space to encounter cutting-edge and historically relevant products, ideas and individual talents. 
By opening our own multibrand shopping experience we aim to eliminate the existing hierarchy between global luxury brands and new emerging artists. Qompendium Work Shop operates both offline and online, with worldwide shipping and satellite locations.

Qompendium collaborates with museums, galleries, art collectives, individual artists and independent publishers on a global scale and exhibits their publications and work of art. Qompendium features selected collaborators and art explorations all hand-picked to meet the criteria of quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Qompendium Work Shop satellites are hosted by diverse partners in important hubs around the world.

Product and Price Range?
Qompendium Work Shop sells products from 1 Euro to 5.000 Euros.
We offer an array of meticulously hand-picked printed matter, limited edition collectibles, taxidermies, writing devices, leather goods, high fashion, contemporary pop and fashion culture, ephemera, fine art, antiques and vintage, furniture, photography, accessories, candles, kid’s wear, bubble gums — seemlessly abandoning boundaries between luxury brands and one-off newcomers.

Shop here: http://qompendium.com/workshop/

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Thames & Hudson: Collector’s Edition
Tuesday, 30.09.2014

Collector’s Edition is an original and exciting visual survey which brings together 180 examples of innovative graphic and product design created for special collector’s, limited or deluxe editions. From limited-edition magazines with multiple cover options to lavish vinyl box sets supplied with a wealth of extras, Collector’s Edition is the first publication to showcase the new wave of lovingly produced objects being created for the music, book and magazine industries.

288 pages
25 x 19,5 cm
480 color photography
PLC foil blocking

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The Secrets of Alchemy


A work that edifies and entertains in equal measure. Principe's book clarifies alchemical history and practice while acknowledging the powerful imaginative legacy of this cohort of mysterious robed men tending fires beneath strangely shaped apparatuses in an ever-elusive path to create gold. Principe supplies a smart, passionate, and compelling portrait that draws on a wide range of sources.
— Richard Byrne

Gandhi: Naked Ambition


Biographer Jad Adams sheds light on the controversial, provocative and often odd sexual practices of the "Father of the Nation" in his new book.

More here.

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Monday, 08.07.2013

Garagisme is another magazine about a passion also shared by the Qompendium crew namely car culture.

The publishers of Garagisme in their own words: Garagisme questions our relationship with individual motorized transport by bringing together different points of view and practices such as contemporary artists, photographers, architects, urban planners and others.
The program includes photo series, profiles of innovative start-ups, portraits and interviews of artists, essays and fiction.

It is published in English and French and distributed internationally.

Garagisme takes a novel look at the object car as it goes through this period of challenge and change.

Additional Content
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familiar, dxi print magazine, newspaper

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Tuesday, 28.05.2013

More young guns. More fun.
"Familiar is a half-dreamt paper devoted to visual storytelling. Familiar is this site. Familiar is what we make while we're alone, together. Our staff is split between strongholds in Portland and Brooklyn, but we're unified in our purpose. We explore the world without leaving our desks, then we document our discoveries. Sure, we're a sweaty cult of creative professionals, but we don't drink the Kool-Aid."

We cherish their clean and simple asthetics.

Additional Content
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mossless magazine

Books, Magazines, Fanzines

Monday, 27.05.2013

The publisher Romke Hoogwaerts togerther with her contributing interviewers Aaron HuntVeronica Rafael
Juan ChaoSuzie ZakJess Castillo and guests has created a rather intriguing art magazine we already love even without have seen the content. Judged by the cover it is a must have.

Inkjet printed on recycled paper and bound at our apartment in Long Island City, Queens NY.
158 pages and bound with slip cover coming in a dition of 100

More pictiures here.

aristotle sex book

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Banned Aristotle's Sex Masterpiece
Friday, 18.01.2013

Aristotle’s Complete Master-Piece, a 17th century sex manual banned for over two centuries, has sold above estimate at Lyon & Turnbull.

First published in 1684, the book was intended as a guide for young couples to sex, conception, pregnancy and birth, as well as containing a few warnings against engaging in sinful activities.

Much of the advice was largely based on superstition. The book suggests that if parents were sinning whilst conceiving a child, the baby was likely to be born a monster, malformed or covered in fur. This notion was typical of the era, when portents and prodigies, witches and evil were rife in English culture.

The book includes a number of graphic illustrations. It was banned for its content in the 18th century, considered taboo and distasteful. Printers avoided including their names in the book for fear of prosecution.
Yet the work maintained a secretive popularity, selling extremely well under the counter to curious readers.
Book specialist at Lyon & Turnbull Simon Vickers stated: ‘Drawing from the works of Nicholas Culpepper and Albertus Magnus, with a good dose of old wife's tale, there were more editions of this work published in the 18th century than any other medical text’.

The anonymous writers attributed the work to Aristotle, possibly as a marketing ploy.

The copy of the book offered at the auction was the 1760s ‘Improved’ version. It was expected to sell for £300-£400, but heated bidding pushed it up to a hammer price of £550 at Lyon & Turnbull’s January 16 Books, Maps, Manuscripts and Photographs sale.

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vienna. vandasye, print catalogue, furniture, the apartment

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The Apartment by Vandasye
Friday, 11.01.2013

Vandasye is run by two multi-disciplinary creatives Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher, both originating from Austria, Vienna.

Their collection of furniture "Our New Apartment" produced using laser-sintered plastic and off-the-shelf wood is their newest news but this beautifully set magalogue is one of their latest print projects designed by their own design buero: Londonwien.

As descried in their print work the "Apartment" series is an ongoing collection of furniture, lighting and accessories centered around utility, the evolution of domestic behavior and a contemporary formal vocabulary.

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Matthew Reinhart, Robert Sabuda, Lothar Meggendorfer, Raphael Tuck

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World of Pop-ups
Friday, 07.12.2012

Similar to the centuries-old printing process leading back to Johannes Gutenberg, pop-up books, or movable books and “toy” books as they were once called, also experienced quite a similar evolution. Having begun with volvelles, lift-the-flap harlequinades, and pull-the-tab creations such as those engineered by Lothar Meggendorfer, pop-up books slowly metamorphosed into the embodiments we’re familiar with today.

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dali, mustache, art,

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Warning! This Book is Preposterous.
Sunday, 19.08.2012

With a tongue rolling name as exuberant as Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, one’s persona can only be matched in exuberance – especially if your parents happened to inform you that you’re in fact a reincarnation of a brother deceased 9 months prior. The haughty surrealist painter was an unswerving eccentric to the undying bemusement of admirers and critics, often seen with his pet ocelot trolling the streets in a cape and cane ––though his mustache may well have been his most flamboyant feature yet. In the book Dali’s Mustache, photographer Philippe Halsman captures all its eccentric physiognomies which run the gamut of fencing swords, rhinoceros horns, rococo curlicues paint brushes and flowering pots.

The monography is also stocked with a congeries of tongue-in-cheek Q&A’s with corresponding pictures. One question asks Dalí why he paints and is followed with a picture of his mustache reincarnated into a dollar sign with paint brushes to complete the symbol. Quite befitting as Andre Breton nicknamed him "Avida Dollars," which is an anagram for Salvador Dalí and also a phonetic rendition of the French term “avide à dollars” (greedy for dollars). Dali loved the nickname though and used it enthusiastically. Once quoted saying: “every morning upon awakening, I experience a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dalí,” how can it be otherwise?

Mustaches have long been attributed to power, masculinity and authority. In India, not having a mustache was considered juvenile and unmanly. It went as far as being set as a requirement for certain class of regiment, especially for the British army and during Peter the Great’s reign and the Napoleonic epoch. Command No. 1,695 of the King’s Regulations required that “the hair of the head will be kept short. The chin and the under lip will be shaved, but not the upper lip. Whiskers if worn will be of moderate length.” Detached from the political field though, many notable men of history such as Diego Velasquez, Nietzsche, Einstein and Charlie Chaplin have also sported a mustachioed countenance, though supremely legendary, just because… that is what they are in their own right. There’s even a World Beard and Moustache Championship to honor the most prominent of manly whiskers. Mustaches are ranked on 6 sub-categories including the Natural, Hungarian, Dalí, English Moustache, Imperial and Freestyle trimmings. Other types include the Fu Manchu, Handlebar, Horseshoe, Chevron, Toothbrush and Walrus.

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Stanley Kubrick Archive

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Stanley Kubrick Archive
Wednesday, 08.08.2012

The Stanley Kubrick archive nestled away at the University of Arts London vaults is one of the finest archealogical troves of cinematographic insignia in its class. By maintaining a high degree of control in his film making process, Kubrick was able to retain material generated by his pioneering techniques, research and production work: arguably making the collection one of the most complete examples of film making practice world wide. Researchers at the Archives and Special Collections Center can find out about a range of subjects including filmmaking techniques, photography, screenwriting and film marketing.

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Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it’s breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
you’ll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You’ll see the sun come shining through
for you.


Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin, KBE (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977) was an English comic actor, film director and composer best known for his work during the silent film era.

Check this great website by Christoffer Sörensen, www.thepursuitofhappyness.se

science, moon, mathematic, escher

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Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics
Thursday, 01.03.2012

Once upon a time the moon was but a ladder’s step away from a boat anchored at sea. Calvino’s Distance of the Moon, one of the short stories in the brilliant Cosmicomics compendium, is an ode to an intergalactic Pangaea until the moon begins to drift away and the lunar bliss is no more. 

More here.

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RCA Secret
Friday, 10.02.2012

RCA Secret 2011 celebrated its Eighteenth Birthday as a unique exhibition and sale of original postcard-sized art, made by professional artists, designers and illustrators, plus current postgraduate students at the Royal College of Art.

The Secret
The postcards are displayed anonymously and are signed on the reverse, so that the artist remains a secret until after the cards are purchased and their signature is revealed.

The Artists
Over 1,000 artists donated their original art to RCA Secret 2011, including Tracey Emin, Anish Kapoor, Grayson Perry, Yoko Ono, Olafur Eliasson, Yinka Shonibare and John Baldessari, designers Kenneth Grange, Margaret Calvert and James Dyson, fashion designers Paul Smith, Manolo Blahnik and Erdem, animator Nick Park, photographer David Bailey and film maker Mike Leigh, as well as up-and-coming students and graduates from the Royal College of Art.

RCA Secret 2011 has now closed. Go to view postcards to see all of the works and find out which artists made them. The Sale was held on 26 November 2011 to raise money for the RCA's Fine Art Student Award Fund.

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