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Finest Crystal for your iPhone

Now what is so special about crystal? Scientists have proven that the difference between crystal and glass is that the former contains lead oxide, which adds magnificent optical effects, a special breaking of the light and certain softness. Crystal can be cut, polished and further processed, since it does not chip as easily as glass. Because of the added lead, crystal is surprisingly heavy, which gives it even more appeal. Cutting makes crystal beautiful, while polishing makes it shine even brighter.

After studying this process carefully and with Apple’s leading market shares, CalypsoCrystal, a company based in Ljubljana, decided to release their CrystalDock, which is a crystal iPhone and iPod Touch stand for charging and synching the devices.

The docks are handcrafted crystal stands made in Europe where crystal making has over 300 years of tradition. The CrystalDock is manually cut, polished and designed to hold an iPhone or iPod Touch. It takes days and more then 15 pairs of hands to a produce a single CrystalDock. Every detail of every CrystalDock has been meticulously planned and taken care of; a must-have accessory that is divinely produced and made ready for shipping to any destination.

The docks come in three base models named Beau, Celestia and Dune at a price of 199 EUR/USD. The limited edition Aurora model with additional platinum finishing painting is produced only in 999 pieces and priced at 349 EUR/USD.

Designers among you will like the models Beau, Dune and Aurora while the female heart may desire the model Celestia.  It is hard to find a gift for someone who might have it all, yet if you want to surprise your loved ones with a brand new iPhone 4 then you must get them a CrystalDock as the highlight of the present, you don’t know what you are missing yet.

Win win

For our beloved readers Qompendium has a surprise. We are giving away one CrystalDock. Send us a picture of your desk per email to enter the winners pool. mail(at)qompendium(dot)com. Closing date is the 06.09.2010

You can find the product CrystalDocks online at www.calypsocrystal.com.

Monday, 30.08.2010
16:00 (Cet)

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