Qompendium is an evolving and ever-changing platform for philosophy, art, culture and science, represented by a series of print publications: magazines, books and monographs. Furthermore, it is enriched by a gallery concept, a work shop and a fast-moving online portal.

Two Rooms

How lucky is the little big city of Zürich to have Two Rooms and its founder Stefano Wieting and how lucky are we to have met Moritz Firchow, the founder of Arcademi, who introduced us to this project? Two Rooms is divided in a back room serving as a design melting pot and the front room as a concept store. Find a well-curated selection of ever-changing products for small budgets to even bigger and more expensive toys. Mr. Wieting knows how to arrange his jewelry, crystal glasses, racing bikes, big brand watches and our print publication Qompendium in his exquisitely yet subtly designed store.

Thursday, 16.09.2010
11:30 (Cet)

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