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The Meatless Ragù

It is one of those golden October days when the mail man visits us with heaps of mails, letters and envelopes. And one such an envelope from our friends at Panatom he hands over at the door.  Hurray, Jule Hass, founder of Panatom, has made an effort to collect delicious fungus popping out through out the "Brandenburger" forests. Each little edible type handpicked and dried from the chicken mushroom to the giant puffball to the oyster mushroom. Hail to our hunter Jule and we don't know yet what to serve for dinner: The Meatless Ragù, the Persian Herb Frittata or the Mushroom Quesadillas?

Monday, 25.10.2010
18:15 (Cet)

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