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Meet Shinzi Katoh

Designer, creator, illustrator, artist, writer, this is Shinzi Katoh, a Japanese designer followed by fans all over the world for his cute and cheerful designs.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Shinzi has created more than 10,000 designs for every object imaginable-stationary, bags, tableware, shoes, books, clothing and sleepwear, linens, sweets, stuffed toys, jewelry, digital media….in fact, it is difficult to find an item that has never been touched with an original Shinzi design. In addition to his own product lines, he has also done unique design collaborations with Disney, Hello Kitty, Anne of Green Gables and Moncchichi. Although he is best known for his lovely Zakka pieces, Shinzi has also authored and illustrated more than 25 books, published by Sony Magazines, Kodansha, Kokuyo, Gakken and Popular publishing.

In response to environmental concerns of our times, he created the polar bear character, Sorabear, to educate and raise awareness of global warming.

Currently there are 7 exclusive Shinzi Katoh shops located in (4 countries). His products can also be found brightening the mood in department stores and museum shops all over the world.

Buy a Shinzi-Katoh Tea-for-Two-Tea-Set here.

Thursday, 17.02.2011
14:30 (Cet)

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