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Shop at Mjölk

Located in the Junction, the shop makes its home in a white Victorian building with a modern interior by local architect firm Studio Junction. Mjölk is a lifestyle store focusing on everyday life to find inspiration for the products they carry.
Their smaller products can be used without thought, or quietly admired: simple satisfaction of functionality and durability.

Mjölk specializes in Scandinavia: soft, quiet snowy forests and streets in the winter; glittery, blinding sunlight on colorful buildings during the summer; Fika (coffee break) at the Konditori, with a kaffe and Napoleon pastry in hand; trolling the Helsinki open-air markets for treasures that is the North to them.

Mjölk’s collection is curated by owners John Baker and Juli Daoust.

Wednesday, 15.02.2012
10:00 (Cet)

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