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Appeal for an Alternative

Before considering the question WHAT CAN WE DO, we have to look into the question HOW MUST WE THINK? So that the lip service that all political parties today pay to the highest ideals of mankind becomes the real thing, and is no longer belied by the actual practices of our economic, political and cultural reality. Be warned against impetuous change. Let us start with SELF-CONTEMPLATION. Let us ask ourselves what prompts us to reject the status quo. Let us seek the ideas that indicate to us the direction we should take to make a new start.

Friday, 20.04.2012
20:30 (Cet)

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Beuy’s manifesto was first published in the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau in December 1978 to later become the fundamental document of Germany’s alternative green party. Though expressing a utopian view which calls for an integrated social sculpture and collective human consciousness, it echoes our current global news climate. From the arms rice disguised under the façade of disarmament talks to the plundering of lifelines in our ecological system, strikes and lockouts and soaring unemployment rates worldwide, not much has changed over the past thirty years. Still there is the “monetary crisis”, the “crisis of democracy”, the “education crisis”, the “energy crisis”, the “crisis of legitimacy of the state”, the list goes on. But what then with the crisis of consciousness and meaning? 

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