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Coloni is a Swedish gardening house founded in 2010. Its seed mixtures are all carefully selected from plant and flower species adapted to desert and arid Mediterranean regions, which is particularly wonderful for indoor gardening. All you have to do is regulate the temperature by watering and/or ventilation. You can also purchase the special Coloni soil which consists of black pumice originating from the Katla volcano on Iceland. Pumice is a rock formed through volcanic eruption. It is porous with a very high percentage of pores and thus weighs very little. It absorbs easily into the water and transports thanks to capillary action. 

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Saturday, 28.04.2012
21:45 (Cet)

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A product concept for indoor gardening. Coloni has developed an approach to a new kind of indoor gardening based on seed mixtures composed from a conceptual point of view. Their philosophy is to make indoor gardening an engaging part of one´s everyday life; an activity to create a relationship to and to follow in its different stages of development.

Coloni, a swedish based gardening house founded in 2010. In collaboration with a horticulturist, Coloni has developed a collection of seed mixtures, consist of seeds from desert and arid Mediterranean climates, for spring 2012.
Founders, Maria Glansén och Gaioo Phunwut, behind Coloni have backgrounds in design and brand development. The ambition is to develop a product which is engaging, creates expectation and requires care. The current market contains classic houseplants and cut flowers for indoor use. Something in between have been missing. One might compare The Coloni’s seed mixtures to a flower bouquet that lasts longer or a mini flowerbed indoor.

The mixtures of seeds is always the focus, they are the main ingredient of Coloni. With the intention of enhancing the experience of the seed mixture we also develop components such as practical accessories, guides and inspiration. Each mixture of seeds is unique. The species of each mixture are chosen to harmonize with each other and to create a special feeling, an expression and a scent. To create its own world of colour and shapes inspired by a specific place, a genre of style, a phenomenon or an attribute. The mixtures will be launched in collection, where each collection is based on a chosen theme. The very first collection of Coloni, based on the theme: NEW. A celebration of everything that is new — new groundbreaking events, phenomena and situations. The collection contains four seed mixtures which interpret the theme in different ways (color, shape, duration, perfume, etc.). The approach to the theme is philosophical and creative. The seed mixtures that contained in the collection are: New Wave, Green, Awakening and Premiere.

The position is to be represented in chosen stores within fashion, interior or design, just to distinguish itself in the category and to introduce the gardening concept to more than the already devoted ones. The target is not necessarily an experienced grower but does have an open-minded approach to new things and phenomena.

The Coloni concept, including seed mixtures and plant care accessories, will be found in selected stores and on the website from March 2012. Coloni is at the moment represented in Paris (Colette & French Trotters), Amsterdam (Tenue de Nîmes), Antwerp (Designcenter De Winkelhaak), Barcelona (Openhouse), Brussels (Hunting & Collecting), Copenhagen (Kask, Nag Store & Stilleben), Frankfurt (MMK Store/Arita), Gothenburg (Krypton Form) and Stockholm (Aplace).

With the collection of seed mixtures and plant care accessories, Coloni’s aim is to introduce the cultivation in an innovative way and develop a different approach to the plant world.

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