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Win: Ten Bottles of Michalsky Perfume

Since the inception of Coco Chanel on the Rue Cambon in Paris, we’ve all come to know fashion and fragrance go hand in hand.  Hot off the wheels of a recent collaboration with German perfume house Mäurer & Wirtz, Berlin-based designer Michael "Michalsky" brings us his eponymous fragrance "Michalsky" for men and women. Sporty elements combined with classic silhouettes and luxurious designs for men and women characterize the fashion of "Michalsky". The perfume continues the legacy featured in timeless gold and silver flacons with an urbane design redolent of beaming high-rises.

What better a way than a scent to draw us out of ourselves? "Michalsky" for women is akin to a midnight cap atop an urban terrace in a perfect midsummer’s night dream. Just a glass of sambuca or ouzo in hand with bursts of fragrant mimosa trees palliating the thick air. A sensual and elegant fragrance composition of sweet liqueur, a touch of licorice and feminine floral chords, harmoniously rounded off with a soft base of vanilla, praline and sandalwood, it is an open invitation to tease the senses.. or better yet, anyone who’s lucky enough to snag a seat nearby.
"Michalsky" for men also sweeps us into a heady waft of citrus notes drawn from the elemi tree with robust ginger and sage that seduce our olfactory bulbs into arousal. Drawn into vertiginous heights, the virility of woody chords rounds it all off and sends us spinning into the night.
One, two tango. It takes two right? Qompendium loves "Michalsky" whether for her or him. And at the end of the night, who’s keeping tabs anyways? We have a few flacons to give away, so write us for your chance to win win win.. and get to tango-ing!

How to win?
Send us an Email to: mail(at)qompendium(dot)com with your name and address. We will choose the winner and surprise him/her.
Deadline: 01.08.2012

Monday, 09.07.2012
13:00 (Cet)

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