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The Prolific Oscar Magnuson

Progressive thinkers, alter egos and colourful characters such as Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray are central to the Oscar Magnuson philosophy. Coming from a background in art and sculpture, Magnuson began to work with Rodrigo Mallea Lira of Fruit & Flower Deli in New York which led to the creation of the fictitious optician “Eldridge Optician” and the character Orlando Marina Young. Today Eldrige Optician has become the blanket concept for the collaboration between Oscar Magnuson and Fruit & Flower Deli. Mostly you’ll find Magnuson working with transparencies, dark purple especially for men, as transparent purple doesn’t become as heavy as solid black and really gives an extra edge.

Other prolific story-tellers on the Oscar Magnuson roster include: Carrie Donovan, William Buroughs, Herta Müller and Peggy Guggenheim.


Sunday, 22.07.2012
13:30 (Cet)

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