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Look Book: Levi’s Vintage

We at Qompendium receive quite a number of emails and brand notifications on an hourly basis. But it is look books like this one that we keep on our desks and enjoy, regardless of the product or the brand itself.

Dear brands, please make more effort in printed look books along with all the digital ones. Create collectibles. Support graphic design. Enhance your brand brochures.

Here is one example of how it is done: Levi’s Vintage Clothing digs deep into the Levi’s Archives to reproduce iconic garments from bygone eras. For Spring 2013, Levi’s Vintage Clothing pays tribute to the golden era of the American Hot Rod, and the sharply dressed car owners and spectators who sported Levi's. In addition to releasing the collection of Hot Rod inspired jeans and Sportswear, Levi's Vintage Clothing presents a collection of vintage photography, special events and collaborations initiated by the brand.

Monday, 08.04.2013
14:30 (Cet)

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