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Qompendium loves Canon PowerShot N

Canon unveils the PowerShot N, a camera that offers all of that.

It is brilliantly designed – sweetest eye candy; it is small; it is powerful. It is fast. Re-read this: It is fast.

You can be spontaneously professional. A dream come true for any photojournalist who wants to impress. This tiny little smartphone companion permits instant sharing with your social networks. Go and capture the world from your very own perspective - this Canon has its innovative zoom and shoot operation lens rings and tilting touch screen. The PowerShot N has been designed to simplify image sharing with intuitive Wi-Fi connectivity allowing a new generation of high-quality, artistic images and Full HD videos to be shared in near real-time.

Now enough of the facts.
The fun part is that Qompendium will be testing the machine for the next couple of weeks. Watch us closely on Qompendium.com, Facebook and Instagram (Qompendium).

Canon on Facebook
Canon Germany
Canon PowerShot N on Amazon.de

Wednesday, 29.05.2013
14:45 (Cet)

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