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Tuesday, 03.06.2014

Re:Collection is a personal and thoughtful project by the design bureau Hofstede, Australia.

Here is what Dominic Hofsede the designer of the project thinks about it: "Re:collection is an online inventory of Australian graphic design, focussed primarily on the period between 1960–1980. Launched in 2009, the site was never intended to be comprehensive, representative or exhaustive. The selection of content is purely subjective; fundamentally it relates to work and individuals I find inspiring, intriguing or influential.

The project was borne out of frustration at the lack of Australian graphic design reference material available, specifically from the decades mentioned above. There is a paucity of books on the subject, a quandary noted by esteemed design commentator Rick Poynor in his excellent article ‘Look inward: graphic design in Australia’ (Eye Magazine 46, 2001). Poynor attributes the deficiency to ‘a tendency for Australian design to underplay itself,’ a modesty that would be understandable if there was, in fact, nothing worthy of acknowledgment. It is my hope and aim that visitors to this site will appreciate that this is not the case."


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