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Who is Kati price?


Kati is Head of Digital Media at the Victoria & Albert Museum where she oversees all digital activity, from the museum¹s websites, apps and social media to developing new digital products, services and experiences. Kati’s 15 years’ experience in the design industry experience spans both commercial and the public sector. She¹s passionate about digital technologies, design and beekeeping.

The Museum Dashboard – Kati Price, Head of Digital Media, V&A and Chris Unitt, One Further

The V&A needed a digital dashboard – or did they? Head of digital media, Kati Price, found herself at a crossroads. One route led to an insightful and actionable tool; the other to a meaningless and superficial report. She turned to analytics expert Chris Unitt for some help.

They’ll explain what they learnt on the way, and share insights and tales of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a digital dashboard for your organisation.

Kati rice will speak at the MuseumNext Conference.

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