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Media Temple

(mt) Media Temple is a website hosting and software application services company based in Culver City, California, USA. It is a pioneer of "grid hosting", whereby multiple stand-alone servers are linked to provide additional capacity for clients during periods of peak demand.

(mt) Media Temple is a website hosting and software application services company based in Culver City, CA.

Wednesday, 02.12.2009
12:00 (Cet)

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Qompendium: Jason, how is it, working from Hawaii as a Media Strategist. Do you surf all day?

Jason McVearry: I worked from Hawaii for a year, and still go back about once every 5-6 weeks. My job virtually allows me to work remotely, which as you can imagine, is very nice. The job of a Media Strategist is to manage the brand in a promotional capacity and to advise the CEO, Demian Sellfors, on marketing and PR initiatives including event sponsorship and planning, and also in web-site partnerships. I also deliver assets to partners, write some copy for promotions and work individually with business partners to develop specific promotional opportunities. Demian has his very hands on the method with (mt) Media Temple marketing, so I work with him very closely on several projects.

(mt) Media Temple started in 1998 and today it is well-known by the opinion leaders of the online creative scene. What paved the way?

In the beginning (mt) Media Temple was doing in-house hosting and design, capitalizing on both revenue streams. Eventually as the business climate shifted online, the hosting portion of the business proved to be a more consistent, viable income source. Demian Sellfors really capitalized early-on by realizing that often, a creative team was involved in the hosting decision. This paved the way for (mt) Media Temple’s aesthetic prominence and reputation as a creative leader in the hosting industry. (mt) Media Temple has since focused on building an extremely strong network and server infrastructure and has recently reached a benchmark in product offering by significantly upgrading plans and keeping the price point very competitive.

You are supporting numerous online projects, online magazines, designers and artists around the globe, and also curating exquisite artwork on your website. Lately Media Temple was also actively taking part in design conferences like Tocame, OFFF and at CMYK. Why?

Good observation indeed. This type of marketing and targeted participation is a natural development that comes from the design and community roots of CEO, Demian Sellfors. Demian had both a personal interest in design and the understanding to put together the connection between hosting decision and designer/art director. The obvious perk of this marketing is the ability to gain exposure through high profile fantastic artists. Perks that people may overlook are the invaluable opportunity to work with talented clients daily and infuse their needs and input into our operations. The main reason our services are user friendly and more intuitive than the average hosting provider, is our client base. The conferences naturally add the element of personal client contact, which is absolutely essential. It’s always a unique celebration when you get together with some of the most talented designers and visual artists of the day, and if our logo is involved, it’s even better.

A surge in online magazines can be observed momentarily. What will the evolution be like? Will there be a mass market or rather survival of the fittest?

I definitely think online magazines are here to stay. The survivors will have the most user friendly, unique interfaces and the most compelling content. I think the mix of a public board, moderated news board, interviews and interactivity is a winning combo for the news board of the future. Oh, and all the content must be customizable and brilliantly formatted and you need to be able to beam it to portable cyborg content junkies on the subways of various metropolises.

How do you see the future of Internet and online entertainment in times of broadband connections, Macromedia Flash, dynamic websites and cross-platform promotion?

Broadband entertainment and cross platform content delivery is going to be more ingrained in our lives. Online content is going to get more and more portable and customizable. We’re going to see a complete merge of broadcast, streaming and portable technology. The upside is we will be able to bring bits of our favourite shows, music programs and mp3s with us wherever we go. We will also be able to modify our own online content on the run. The downside is we’ll be walking advertising targets. Anybody interested in avoiding this cyborg nation will have to focus on moving to non-developed countries with good surf and fresh fish for a place of residence.


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