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Backstage: HBC Couture Designer Scouts

Another generation of young talents ripping off a 5 hour show: Installation meets fashion meets theater meets students meets Berlin. It was definitely a good event to be at. We found great interest in the first sequence of the show which has been cut back from all official sites by the Starstyling team – a great performance without which we might not recall the event that very often.

HBC Couture: Designer Scouts with Starstyling, Carni, Julia and Ben, Martin Niklas Wieser, Don´t shoot the Messengers, V!tor, A.D.Deertz, Julie Eilenberger, Von Bardonitz, and the .HBC Couture: Uniforms von Gerald Kidd. Check out the fun we had with these great talents.

Wednesday, 27.01.2010
16:45 (Cet)

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