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Partners and Spade

Partners & Spade is a studio that creates products, films, books and other content under the P&S label as well as for other clients. There are also services they provide like "Backdated Confidence Trophies" for those that are insecure and custom aviary design to name a few. The studio is open on the weekends as a storefront that houses a transitional collection of art, found objects and ideas. They have artists like Mike Mills and Maira Kalman showing there at the moment, and curators like Tim Barber and his collection of books as well ...

Thursday, 31.12.2009
13:45 (Cet)

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Qompendium: Andy, Interview Magazine lists you as "a copywriter, a creative director, a fashion mogul, an activist, an art patron, a publisher, a consultant, a gallerist, and an artist in his own right" – how can you be all that?

Andy Spade: I didn't say this - Glenn O'Brien did. I have worked as a copywriter, a creative director and still do. Fashion mogul is too big a term for what my wife and I did, but Kate Spade and Jack Spade were our creations. An activist no, an art patron yes, a publisher yes (we've self- published over 30 books and have a six book deal with Harper's Collins) a consultant for J. Crew and The Village Voice and numerous other clients, a gallerist yes (I am a partner with James Frey and Bill Powers at the Half Gallery on the lower east side - We are showing Rene Ricard now) an artist - I make things that could be considered art and have sold several pieces over the years, but it's a small part of what I do today. I will spend more time making things as I get older. How can I be all that? I don't know. I've been doing it all my life. They blend together.

Tell us why, when and how did you started Partners & Spade?

I started Partners & Spade approximately six months ago. My partner Anthony and I started it as a way to pursue all of our interests and to use our collective experience in advertising, film making and fashion to help other clients create interesting work.

Is "Partners & Spade" a luxurious hobby of yours or does it make you a living? Now be honest!

Partners & Spade is not a hobby it is part of a larger business idea. The shop/gallery feeds the consulting business and brings talented people to our attention for other projects. The space itself does not have to generate large sales but must serve as a showcase for other ideas.

One can buy an amazing wide range of things, ranging from must-have items taken from magazines, found photographs to bronze sculptures at your gallery space. What are your criteria for stocking a product?

Our criteria for a product are if it is interesting or beautiful or conceptually new to my partner and me. There are a lot of people we have always loved who we commission to create products and or installations of the space.

Do you end up taking some of the products home with you?

I would like to take almost everything home with me. Frankly, a lot of it is at home with me. I especially like the Creative Growth Sculptures of boats and elephants.

What are the "Backdated Confidence Trophies"?

 "Backdated Confidence Trophies" are customized trophies we make for individuals who want to gain back confidence lost years ago in adolescence. Commission one based on a past defeat that has fucked you up for years. Place it in a prominent spot at home until you brainwash yourself into believing you actually won it.

How do you ascertain the price of an art or design object?

The price is determined by the artist or by use placing a value on an object based on what we believe the market will bear.

What is happening with the design scene in New York?

I don't know what is happening with the design scene. It seems a little boring though.

Where do you enjoy shopping – online or offline?

Offline shopping or e-bay.

Please give us a list of 3 designers, 3 blogs and 3 shops you like most and visit on a regular basis!

Shops: John Derian, BDDW, Paula Rubenstien and Melet Mercantile, Kioak, Dosa, Ted Muelling. Designers: Rei K., Thom Browne, Three AsFour, Blogs: Reference Library, The Scout, Continous Lean, Tiny Vices, Haw-lin.com

What is …

your profession?

I am a creative director, who works primarily in advertising, film, and design.

the best thing related to your work?
That would be collaborating with different creative people.

the most annoying part of your work?
The most annoying part would be collecting account receivables.

your favorite occupation?
Making art books and conceptual sculptures.

Art or design?
I don't really know how to differentiate art and design - I like both

2D or 3D?
I prefer 3D over 2D – the more tactile and direct the better.

I ...

love …

working in different mediums.

hate …
long meetings.

believe in …

admire …
David Lynch, Marcel Duchamp, Cy Twombly, Ben Katchor and a lot of other people.

I am …

interested in …

conceptualism and fluxism and different solutions to problems

I am influenced by ...
the people in New York City art and Japanese and European fashion and design and children.

I'd like …

to meet …
David Lynch.

to eat …

in a tree house.

to possess …
more courage.

to kick the ass of …

the entire cast of the real housewives New Jersey, Orange County and New York.

to give all my money to …
teachers of inner city public schools.

to thank …
skateboarding and music

Partners and Spade

Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m
Sundays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
40 Great Jones Street
New York, NY
United States of America
Phone +1 646 861 2827

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