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Nicholas Fearn: The Latest Answers to the Oldest Questions

Mixing travelogue and philosophy, this is a introduction to the world’s most eminent contemporary philosophers and their answers to the three great questions: Who am I? What do I now? What should I do?

Thursday, 18.02.2010
12:30 (Cet)

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The work of the ancients and the great philosophers of the past is well known. From Aristotle and Plato to Kant and Wittgenstein, their answers to life’s biggest questions have been discussed endlessly. Philosophy: The Latest Answers to the Oldest Questions is the first book to explain, for the general reader, what today’s philosophers believe about what it is to be human.

In the search for higher meaning, Nicholas Fearn has consulted some of the world’s most distinguished thinkers, including John Searle, Martha Nussbaum, Bernard Williams, Daniel Dennett and Peter Singer (among many others). Variously, they believe that free will, identity and consciousness are not what they seem; that the difference between virtue and wickedness can be a matter of sheer luck; and that, one day, we will all be vegetarians. Philosophy is a brilliant and entertaining guide to the state of the philosophical art.

Nicholas Fearn, a philosophy graduate rom King’s College, London, is the author of Zeno and he Tortoise: How to Think Like a Philosopher, which was ublished in more than twenty countries. He also writes or the Spectator, Independent on Sunday, Observer and he Economist. He lives in London.

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