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Unfiltered Rawness: Carr Magazine

While the auto industry struggle to pull out of a deep crisis, the independent magazine market is booming. Here is yet another one from the new kids on the block: Carr Magazine. Qompendium enjoys its unfiltered rawness and always welcomes print ephemera on uncoated paper; the missing part in one of our favorite magazines, Intersection.

Wednesday, 03.03.2010
15:15 (Cet)

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Carr Magazine is put together by a team of three: Marek Simko (Designer for Porsche Design Studio),
 Jan Kirsten Biener (Editor for Nansen & Piccard) and 
Daniel Pietsch (Art Director for Agentur AWR). The three partners contribute with experience and knowledge, providing Carr Magazine with the latest know-how within the fields of car design, editorial and graphic design.  Having collaborated on new editorial features with Roderick Aichinger, a skilled photographer for magazines such as Monocle or Neon, the gentlemen promise their next issue for Winter 2010 to be full of surprises. Hopefully the team will keep up with show casing sketches, ideas and raw concepts, as the magazine market is full with automobile photography print publications.

Carr Magazine can be purchased at the great stockists such as: Do You Read Me, Papercut and Soda and on their website.

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