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David Callow

Illustrator and lecturer David Callow is born in 1985, only three years after the death of philosopher and author Ayn Rand. It is his passion for Aristotle and philosophy that he aims to incorporate with every pencil stroke within his conceptual art works, which has brought him national awards and recognition. English artist Callow likes to draw and assemble cut out paper. The basis of his work revolves around an exploration of shape and the relationship between fine representation and playful abstraction. Qompendium is proud to present David Callow in its second The Qompendium Questionnaire Session with Michael Willis.

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Meet David Callow at Arts University College at Bournemouth www.davidcallow.co.uk
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Sunday, 18.04.2010
18:15 (Cet)

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Art work by Michael Willis for David Callow to alter

David Callow's alteration

Qompendium: Your job in 20 words ...
David Callow: Relaying conceptual properties from source or client to an audience by use of concrete selected representations in a semiotic context.  

Your personal style signifier is ...
Originally representational drawing juxtaposed with connotative application of cut out coloured paper in white space.
As I have spent more time with a pencil I think that my style signifier is going through a new transition I have not yet defined.

How would your girl friend describe you ...

Davy Crocket. (Who is Davy Crocket?).

How would your PA describe you ...
If I had one: slow.

When do you turn your Mac, iPod, iPhone off?
When I am not planning to be awake, working, thinking or traveling

What is the smartest graphic you have ever created?
I am yet to produce a smart graphic.

The first font you would use on any assignment is ...
I would use either my own handwriting, or formulate a typeface in illustrator to render in pencil.

The best trick on photoshop is ...

A poster you would hang on your wall ...
Glamour – Edward Bell’s Portrait of David Bowie (not the artwork used on the cover of the Scary Monsters album)

The last meal that truly impressed you ...
Sashimi quality tuna steak burger with tempora fried onions and wasabi mayonais from 5 Napkin burger in Hell’s Kitchen NY, NY!

The last CD you purchased and would buy again ...
Economics in one Lesson – Henry Hazlitt – Audiobook (Get it here.)
#1 Record – BIG STAR – Album (Get it here.)

The graphic that truly impressed you ...
Pretty much anything Ryan McGuinness circa 2005

Ancient history thrills you because ...
Aristotle. Axiomatic concept.

The United States is ...
The consequence of applied individualism, morality and justice.

United Kingdom is ...
Quiet apathetic agnostic pragmatism.

Money is ...
As Ayn Rand would define it; goods earned through productive effort yet to be purchased.
Money as a unit of exchange is the testament to the freedom of individuals to exchange voluntarily. Money presents the opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to pursue a standard of living of their own discretion.

Art is ...
To be experienced personally.

Your ultimate addiction ...
Work Work Work Play Play Play

A recent discovery of yours is ...

The last thing you bought and hated ...
Coloured tip map pins that fell apart when being used.
Oh the hatred that ensued.  

The next big thing is ...
The morality of Laissez-faire Capitalism.

The books on your bedside table are ...
Brideshead Revisited – Evelyn Waugh
The nicomechean ethics – Aristotle
The visual display of quantitative information – Edward Tufte
The ecological approach to visual perception – James J. Gibson
Capitalism: The unknown ideal – Ayn Rand
The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand
Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

Your personal items you never go on journeys without are ...
Note pad and mechanical pencil

The first thing you do when you enter a hotel room is ...
Watch my girlfriend jump on the bed.

Your favorite corner of the Internet is ...
Wikipedia, Youtube and ARC-tv.com

What else do you want to say?
Thank you very much for the privilege of being involved in this project.

The Qompendium Questionnaire Session

For this session two entities are invited to take part.
The first interviewee recommends the next / following interviewee and prepares an art work for him/her to alter.

Art work at the end: Michael Willis prepared an art work for David Callow to alter.

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The Qompendium Quesstionnaire Session 01
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