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Code-X: A true engineered Beauty

Agent 007 would jump for joy if his technological expert, Q, were to provide him with such a boat. Radically purist in design, with the technological standard of the future and, as a powerful racing machine, in a class of its own – welcome to the new CODE-X. As with future CODE-X products, the technology of the yacht comes to the market with the opportunity for mid-term serial production maturity. CODE-X products will inspire people to new ways of thinking and will, in the future, set new technological standards globally.

Wednesday, 28.04.2010
17:00 (Cet)

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A new dimension in yacht construction
CODE-X demonstrates yacht construction in a new dimension and the claim to being a leader in the harmonious combination of conventional and modern environmentally friendly propulsion modes. CODEX symbolises new visions for yacht construction. The yacht was developed in co-operation with leading experts from boat and motor construction bearing in mind that, in the mid to long-term, innovative alternatives must replace the conventional combustion technology types.

CODE-X sets a sign of the times in yacht construction and presents, as prelude, a flexible solar hybrid propulsion system which enables both quiet, environmentally friendly, cruising as well as boundless powerful speeding pleasure! The existing power types are not fully substituted. The unique system does, nevertheless, offer new options for yachts which take the current products on the conventional energy markets into account and realise an individual environmental awareness in one’s own leisure time. CODE-X owners decide via touch screen. The solar hybrid propulsion system works combined as well as independent.

Ultra purism and an individual look

CODE-X is also treading new paths with its design: logical lines, ultra clear, according to design standards, smoothly take over from the traditional concepts. Purism replaces visual clutter which often occurs on board yachts with the operating and safety elements. With its kevlar/carbon hull, the visual appearance of which is reminiscent of a bat with its exceptional flight characteristics, CODE-X announces its claim to being a leader in the motor yacht market.

The team at CODE-X AG meets the future owner’s need for individuality on all levels: owners are able to choose the hull colour of their futuristic catamaran. The wheel can be adjusted in height and the clever air-conditioning system can, in standby mode, be operated solely by solar energy. Relaxation is provided by the whirlpool on board. New, too, are the shock-absorbing, sporty futuristic seats – the design and number of which can be individually selected.

The fittings and performance of the CODE-X will impress design aesthetes: the on-board electronics and touch screens, which are individually programmable, fulfil all the requirements of the aircraft industry. The distinctive protective sun shield with its phototropic shaded screens and windows is a further world innovation. An LED illumination system enables optimal night viewing. The carbon fibre deck, with a special UV-resistant coating and a heat-repellent shell, is hydraulically easy to control. An “open top” feeling can be created with the moveable roof elements.

Synthesis of brilliant design and perfect function
CODE-X was developed by experts in boat and motor construction who have extensive experience and reputations in their fields but who have never, in this team constellation, developed a yacht. During the design and construction phase buyers can have a bearing on the look, materials and functions, and commission for the interiors either self-chosen businesses or Code-X-AG to use its network. CODE-X is the synthesis of brilliant design and perfect function – already today, the yacht provides the answers to the questions and wishes of tomorrow. Its buyers will be well-known figures who take their responsibility for the future seriously, in business as well as in leisure, and who want to lead the right way as forerunner of society. The first CODE-X models can be seen from June onwards in Switzerland and will be introduced to the international press during late summer at the premiere celebration. CODE-X comes with a license for pure pleasure and a high sense of responsibility for the world of tomorrow.

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