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Norton MacCullough & Locke – The Art of Traveling

Norton MacCullough & Locke are committed to producing the finest custom-made trunks, jewellery boxes and homeware in the essence of 1920s bespoke luxury. By specifically creating individual, hand-crafted pieces in England, Norton MacCullough & Locke aspire to preserve traditional leatherworking techniques and craftsmanship.

Monday, 26.04.2010
16:00 (Cet)

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Designed and manufactured in England with the finest materials available, Norton MacCullough & Locke retain a level of craftsmanship and individuality that only exists in a handful of European workshops. Norton MacCullough & Locke’s specialist leather, metal and woodworking artisans employ traditional techniques and hand-finishings, ensuring that each piece is unrivalled in its exclusivity, aesthetics and attention to detail.

By designing and creating products that are specific to the individual client's aesthetic sensibilities and lifestyle requirements, each Norton MacCullough & Locke piece is unique to the owner. Each bespoke order is developed through a series of personal consultations with the client; from concept and design through to personalisation and material selection. Norton MacCullough & Locke are continuously developing their extensive range of precious metals, exotic woods and leathers, ensuring the most refined and distinctive materials are available to the client. Norton MacCullough & Locke’s process of individual consultation and personal design ensures complete exclusivity and a consummate bespoke experience.

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