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98% Biodegradable Potato Pen

DBA is a New York based company founded in 2008 with the goal of developing unique products that combine aesthetic strength, technical innovation and ecologically effective principles. DBA’s wares are distinguished by an honest simplicity and a heightened sensitivity to user needs. Furthermore, DBA is committed to the awareness and application of responsible materials, efficient construction and intelligent packaging.

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Saturday, 15.05.2010
13:15 (Cet)

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Endless Notebooks
The Endless Notebooks can be grouped together using a specially designed pocket on the front cover, making it easy to combine different paper types, (graph, lined, blank,etc.) or to simply add on to an existing diary or sketch book. They are composed of chlorine-free, post-consumer recycled paper and produced in the USA using 100% renewable energy.

DBA Extension Cord
The DBA Extension Cord is 100% PVC free and has been developed to release no toxic substances in its production,
use or disposal. In addition, the recycled polypropylene spool makes organization easy – 20 feet of cord fits neatly inside the flat and easily stored disc.

DBA Humidifier
The DBA Humidifier projects a cylindrical column of mist from a round vent circling the tank. A glance through the transparent, removable lid reveals the current water level. Should it be low, the tank can be lifted off the base for refilling, a unique function that's as easy as handling a bucket. The casing is produced from recycled polypropylene, and can be quickly disassembled for repair or recycling. An ultrasonic evaporation system provides energy-efficient, cool-mist humidification for spaces up to 540 square feet.

DBA Heater
Two high-efficiency heating panels connected by a convenient handle provide a lightweight, ambient source of heat. The DBA Heater ships flat and its recycled aluminum construction is quickly assembled with minimal effort. During the warmer months, the cord can be spooled around the central handle for easy storage.

98% Biodegradable Pen
The DBA Pen is the only 98% biodegradable pen in the world. It’s also the only pen to use ink composed of simple, pronounceable ingredients. Produced at a wind-powered facility in the United States, it was designed as a responsible alternative to the wasteful and often toxic pens we use almost every day. And with its straightforward design and rollerball tip, the DBA Pen looks good and writes well too. Buy three for US Dollars 8,00. A good deal.

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