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Italian Concept Store: Société Anonyme

The concept store per se as a concept for the point of sale is what keeps the retail industry still fascinating albeit slow economy and here comes the Italian Société Anonyme located in Firenze. The store carries a good range of designers from Martin Margiela, Surface to Air, Comme de Garcon, April77 to even more commercial brands such as Freitag. Of course our beloved bicycles are showcased in limited editions as well. A concept store deserves its name only then, when it is a vehicle for marketing incentives such as brand exhibitions and brand shows, which seem to work for Société Anonyme very well.

We like this place and its “Bohemian do it your self” appeal and will be visiting it soon this summer. For those of you who aren’t fortunate to travel to Europe, you can indulge online.

Online Societe Anonyme Store
Photography courtsey of Société Anonyme

Tuesday, 27.07.2010
12:45 (Cet)

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