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Meet Daisy Kroon

What would the Dutch be without their aspiring designers one may ask from time to time? Here is another fashion label named after its founder Daisy Kroon. The studio Daisy Kroon is a fashion design studio based in Rotterdam. According to their own description the studio is professional and independent with a little twist loving to share their inspirations with their audiences. We fell for her great sense for color, a dream swatch for this season: beautiful camel, a dash of pumpkin contrasting with navy blue and silverish light grey. Meet Daisy Kroon and read what her attitude is all about.

Wednesday, 01.09.2010
11:00 (Cet)

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Qompendium: What is your mission statement? And what differs you from many other young designers?
Daisy Kroon: I wonder if my work is so very different from what other young designers do. I design garments and collections because this is my way to express my thoughts or concept. I tend to design garments which are highly wearable and contemporary. Most of the time you can recognize my clothes by it’s explicit and androgynous cut and use of colors. I use shapes for my garments that will hopefully last.

Do you believe in trends and trend forecasting?
Not for my own label and designs. It should be contemporary and matter for the time it is designed. But it is very important for my collections that it stays longer than one season. I would rather design a timeless design with impeccable lines, that live beyond the streams of seasons. Forecasting isn’t something I am using or practicing while I am designing. 

Very refreshing – the bigger the label the more trendscouting is normally due. Yet, fashionwise, what is your prediction for the year 2012?
I am sorry, I don’t do predictions. I can tell you what I hope for, but not what will be.

We really like your color choices. How do you find your best color swatch?
That totally depends on what kind of concept or idea I have with the collection. In general you could say that a certain tension should arise between the different colors in the collection. I always try to find contradictions for myself. Sometimes it is a delicate study in contrasting colors and fabrics to remain these contradictions within the design.

Do you wear your own collection? Some designers find this a bit too corny.
One of the demands I have for my own designs is that I want to wear it, because I consider myself as my target group. I don’t necessarily have to wear it all the time. But with every collection I am testing some of the designs for a couple of weeks. For wearability, sustainability and how the designs reacts after washing. And it is important to see how people react to my designs. If a regular person, instead of a model, is able to look good in my clothing I did well.

Oh, that sounds great. We cherish that approach. What other brands would you recommend to go along with yours?
That’s a difficult one. That’s like comparing bikes. I think it goes very well with everything that is hanging in my closet. That differs from vintage or ugly secondhand and some beautiful pieces to combine my designs with. I think it would go along just fine with some pieces from Acne, Opening Ceremony and Bless. Shoes from Maison Martin Margiela under it, tights with a particular color from your drawer. Or to combine it with a piece from Henrik Vibskov to underline the humor in the outfit.  It depends on the mood you are in.

Thank you Daisy for your time.

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