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Ain’t Nothing New Under the Sun
Wednesday, 28.10.2009

A repititive pattern, a calender and in size DIN A1, printed on Arjowiggins Popset stock with Pantone colors. A great wallpaper can be created if more posters are mounted together.

Poster: A1, either pink or beige
Paper: Arjowiggins Popset, 120grm/m2
Special Colors: Pantone

Publisher: Lloyd & Associates GmbH

Language: English

500 pieces worldwide

Ben Watts, Kelis, Lenny Krawitz


Stargazing with Ben Watts
Thursday, 01.10.2009

Ben Watts, born in 1967 in London, began his career in Australia with commissions for Vogue and Elle. Attracted by urban hip hop culture in the mid-90s, he moved to New York and became a regular contributor to prestigious publications, including Esquire and Rolling Stone. Commercial clients such as Sony and Ralph Lauren proudly display his photography on supersize billboards throughout the United States.

Excerpts selected by Ben Watts from his private Polaroid diary collection during the years 2001 to 2009:
Leonard Albert Kravitz
André Lauren Benjamin
Curtis James Jackson III
Kelis Rogers
Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez
Heath Andrew Ledger



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