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Qompendium Print Publication is a selective journey through the multiverse of subjects from the fields of philosophy, art, culture and science. It is produced in Germany and is a demonstration of premium print culture at its finest in utilizing various paper qualities, numerous custom colours and finishing techniques. Qompendium is a well-curated, timeless, book-like read for the disillusioned rational yet aesthetically intrigued fountainhead, who is at all times in search of fertile thinking ground — a benchmark for content and production in the magazine environment.


Qompendium Work Shop?

Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication. It is created to nurture our readership with an open and ongoing space to encounter cutting-edge and historically relevant products, ideas and individual talents.
By opening our own multibrand shopping experience we aim to eliminate the existing hierarchy between global luxury brands and new emerging artists. Qompendium Work Shop operates both offline and online, with worldwide shipping and satellite locations.



Qompendium collaborates with museums, galleries, art collectives, individual artists and independent publishers on a global scale and exhibits their publications and work of art. Qompendium features selected collaborators and art explorations all hand-picked to meet the criteria of quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Qompendium Work Shop satellites are hosted by diverse partners in important hubs around the world.


Product and Price Range?

Qompendium Work Shop sells products from 1 Euro to 5.000 Euros. Qompendium Work Shop offers an array of meticulously hand-picked printed matter, limited edition collectibles, taxidermies, writing devices, leather goods, high fashion, contemporary pop and fashion culture, ephemera, fine art, antiques and vintage, furniture, photography, accessories, candles, kid’s wear, bubble gums — seamlessly abandoning boundaries between luxury brands and one-off newcomers or seasonal dogmas.


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