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Fédéral Brass Eternity Necklace
This brass necklace is handcrafted in Germany. It consists out of two loops and change its shape as ..
50.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 42.02 EUR
The Icelandic Phallological Museum, located in Reykjavík, Iceland, houses the world’s largest displa..
150.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 126.05 EUR
Copper Plate
Copper brass plate for a signature look on your desk or dining table. Simply store your jewellery in..
25.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 21.01 EUR
Full Mother of Pearl Knife
Full Mother of Pearl knife for butter, goat cheese and other delicacies. Around 11 centimeter ..
15.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 12.61 EUR
Horn Bangle
This horn bangle is from Madagascar and a timeless jewelry piece for the contemporary woman. ..
40.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 33.61 EUR
Horn Bowl
This horn bowl is from Madagascar and a timeless good which is enduring in quality. A true classic f..
40.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 33.61 EUR
Soap Black Onyx
Black Onyx has a unique depth to it like the earth it is pulled out of. With it’s opaque facets and ..
22.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 18.49 EUR
Soap Green Garnet
Soap rocks are replicas of the Earth's precious gem stones. These soaps are made from mild, extra lo..
12.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 10.08 EUR
Fédéral Silver Eternity Ring
This Fédéral Silver ring comes as an eternity loop and is handcrafted in Germany. A perfect gift for..
55.00 EUR
Ex Tax: 46.22 EUR
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