The realest and most drool-worthy monthly inspiration stolen and compiled by Moodmail. Against the grain of, well, everything – this is what Creative Direction dreams are made of. Kimberly Lloyd, Qompendium’s editor in chief, recently had the chance to chat with Dave Marshal and take a little big peek into his world.

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Moodmail aka Dave Marshal of Yuhzimi Ltd curates a very well researched and juxtaposed collection of images found in the deep recesses of the internet. His process is visceral, scrolling through pages upon web pages and accounts until the split second decision of clicking and saving that one gobsmacking image to his folder. “It could be a color, a juxtaposition, a form, the light, a graphic or any other characteristic that catches my eye,” says Marshal. “Of course there are recurring topics that reflect my personal taste – that’s undeniable, but I’m not specifically on the hunt for said topics.

On the last day of each month, Marshal unleashes a string of images with an undercurrent of the shock and wtf factor, the bizarre and extraordinary, the sexy and sensual and the everyday. Through the eyes of Marshal, new worlds and storylines are narrated from the rawest of appropriated imagery.

Where Dave Marshal scouts his images from has changed since 2007 with new social media platforms like Instagram splashing on the scene. It used to be archival websites, then Tumblrs and nowadays he screenshots a lot of found imagery from Instagram. When you head over to Moodmails’ Instagram, you’ll find two guides. One is called “The OGs,” which highlights some of the early birds that inspired him way back when and another dubbed “The IGs,” featuring some of his fave Instagram spots for inspiration. Part 2 of “The IGs” was recently rolled out on Instagram and is well worth the swipe.

“I am planning another guide dedicated to photographers I like on the Moodmail Instagram and have a growing list handy that includes about 100 people,” Marshal tells us. “There are so many options and every vision has a suitable body of work to meet its pace. It’s impossible to pick one without dropping a mention of the other.”

Based in Bern and Zürich with clients in the heart of Berlin, Marshal runs his agency Yuhzimi Ltd right at the edge of hype. Since his mid 20s, Marshal has been working at the intersection of culture and commerce, delivering creative consulting, marketing and branding concepts to a handful of clients and small businesses. “I guess you could say I’m in the lucky position of brands asking for my expertise in the creative realm. It means I don’t have to ‘sell’ them anything inauthentic, which I wouldn’t do anyways in the first place,” he tells us.

Some of Yuhzimi’s projects vacillate from the commercial to the non-commercial and include entertainment marketing for Nike, dipping into talent scouting, relationship management, production management and art buying. He also headed up the project management of Conversations at LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL with artists BRIAN REITZELL (2015) and GASPAR NOÉ (2016).

“To stay credible in the non-commercial world is easy in theory, but not so much in reality. Inevitably, there’s always that one tipping point which is out of my hands,” says Marshal. Once a company has direct contact with a creative talent, it almost without exception turns out to be catastrophic for both. I try to avoid that in all my projects. My job is to be the mediator and to make sure that both parties walk away satisfied.”

To stay credible in the non-commercial world is easy in theory, but not so much in reality. Inevitably, there’s always that one tipping point which is out of my hands.

Some of Marshal’s other doings and happenings at Yuhzimi include event coordination at the Gurtenfestival Dance Tents, managing Sang Bleu Zürich and bringing it to market, entertainment marketing and PR for Converse and many other gigs. Yuhzimi took a dip when the pandemic was in full force, but Marshal remains positive, “I think the companies who invest now and really make an effort in staying relevant instead of waiting it out will be the winners when this all blows over – whatever that might look like.”

Up next for Yuhzimi are collaborations that really make sense – anything that involves two big players that want to grow through and through with each other. Lately, Marshal has been especially drawn by the watch industry and sees a great deal of untouched potential there. He also wants to dip his feet in budding businesses that he could help shape from the very beginning.

Bits and pieces of Moodmail’s archive dating back to 2007 can be downloaded from Moodmail.org, and while you’re there, you can also subscribe to his monthly Moodmail.

Listen to Moodmail for Qompendium with 3 hours and 20 min of Moneybagg Yo, 21 Savage, Rudeboyz, Juicy J, Bad Bunny and more more more. Time to cut a rug and throw it down quick and dirty split sexond style on Spotify.

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