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Qompendium Print Publication is a selective journey through the multiverse of intentional and unintentional time capsules featuring an array of exceptional pictorial essays, unabridged interviews and supplementary brand editorials. Qompendium is a well-curated, timeless, highly collectible book-like read for the disillusioned rational yet aesthetically intrigued fountainhead, who is at all times in search of fertile thinking ground.

Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1 features a number of pictorial essays bringing to light six decades of history, composed and compiled from masterpieces captured by Douglas Kirkland and Deborah Feingold. Other artists range from Lyn Balzer, Tony Perkins to Valérie Belim, Aubrey de Grey, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Todd DiCiurcio, Laurence Ellis, Emir Eralp, Clinton Friedman, Dominik Gigler, David Lees, Siems Luckwaldt, Paul Pope, Nick Sagan, Daniel Stier, Ben Watts, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Christian Weber, Doug Wilson, Per Zennström and abundant others – all work designed and placed in a strikingly unusual and unpredictable editorial design environment.

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