Publishing is a popular category in many award shows. Constantly demanding for diversity with strong controversial concepts, executed in cutting-edge design, beautifully assembled and solidly manufactured. But most importantly content is king. And content never sleeps.

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Erie Ehrenberg, Kimberly Lloyd

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Seven people founded the German Designer Club in Frankfurt on 1. November 1989: Lothar Erdmann, Olaf Leu, Gerd A. Müller †, Christian Steguweit, Joachim Stenger, Hans Welling † and Tassilo von Grolman. In 1993, the DDC organizes its first interdisciplinary competition “Designers Judge Design”; the competition is documented in a book “Handbuch für Design”; in 1995 it was carried out and documented for the second time. In 1997 Dieter Sieger took over the presidency from Tassilo von Grolman. In 1999, he handed the club back from Münster to the wonderful city of Frankfurt to the hands of Thomas Feicht, who was president of the DDC from 2000 to 2008.

Today, the DDC – Deutscher Designer Club, is run by Olaf Deneberger, Rainer Gehrisch and Nicolas Markwald who are elevating the designer’s club and its award shows to the next level, much needed. For its 19th judging round, Qompendium’s editor-in-chief, Kimberly Lloyd, was invited to head the jury for the category Publishing.

The jury process for the nine categories took place on two consecutive days in the picturesque city of Wiesbaden, at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.


The DDC crew reach out to various creative leaders of the industry to recruit them for the hard task of a jury member. This year, the category Publishing was chaired by Kimberly Lloyd and jury members: Gabi Schirrmacher, Simone Leitenberger, Björn Börris Peters, Sebastian Schramm, Olaf Stein and Christoph Grünberger.
— Portraits by Kimberly Lloyd

How is content material refined and defined?


Kimberly Lloyd: “There were good entries by a few independent publishers, some superb student contestants had sent in strong conceptual work and then surprisingly there were a few valuable custom publishing projects assigned by big brands, amongst useless, shameless self-promotional image brochures by design agencies that were in the wrong category and award show altogether. Clearly, as jury members, we are responsible for setting the right standards and defining the benchmarks for our design environment.”

Make no mistake. Print is alive, more than ever.