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Ai Weiwei Joins Call for President Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden


A world in which nobody stands up for whistle-blowers and activists is a world where nobody takes risks to defend the public interest or expose government abuses, ... people need to stand together to defend the kind of society they want to live in.

Edward Snowden

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Are you an artist? Are you in debt?


Occupy Museums invites artists across the US to unite in Debtfair, a project that will be shown at the Whitney Biennial in spring 2017. Debtfair is a means of exposing the hidden layer of debt within the art market and its institutions. The 92 artists currently on debtfair.org hold 5.2 million USD of debt. We will expand this community in 2017. All artists who apply through this open call will be featured on a revamped debtfair.org and their work will be shown digitally in the museum; 30 artists who are indebted to the same institutions will exhibit their physical work. Are you an artist? Are you in debt?

Debtfair believes that the practices of painting, sculpture, performance, video, music, and conceptual practice lie at the core of a progressive democratic society. Yet artists and culture workers face evermore extractive economic burdens parallel to the booming wealth and financialization of the art market. Debt often elicits feelings of shame and alienation. It is a hidden tool of economic, social, and racial division. Yet, by showing how everyone is interconnected through it, Debtfair mobilizes around the financial relationships that bind everyone to one another, locating possibilities for solidarity in a global struggle, and leveraging our collective power as debtors.

Read more here.

Conferences, Exhibitions, Fairs

Conferences, Exhibitions, Fairs


Tuesday, 18.10.2016

French artist Daubal knows how to disturb esthetics with a simple and minimalistic manipulation. The clever and witty artist uses advertisements or iconic imagery for his art works by overlaying a new meaning on to them. Buy the self published book here:


Find more about Frederique Daubal here:

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Paul McCarthy on Artsy
Wednesday, 12.10.2016

Paul McCarthy is recognized for his provocative, some would say tasteless, performances, multi-media installations, and sculptures that irreverently fuse high and low culture in their biting but humorous critique of American mythology and accepted societal norms. Santa Claus porn videos, Hummel figurine parodies, and chocolate butt plugs are among McCarthy’s most well known pieces. For Train, Mechanical (2003-09), McCarthy created a pair of larger-than-life animated sculptures of George W. Bush mounting pigs from behind. “I'm interested in caricatures—from Miss Piggy to Popeye to Santa Claus—that are cultural fabrications,” McCarthy explains. “Santa is one that I've hung on to longer, that I repeat more. There's the whole thing of Christmas and consumption and commodity, and its relationship to capitalism and Western culture and Americana. The character itself is this roly-poly patriarch with a beard—almost a godlike figure.”

More on Artsy.

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Wednesday, 12.10.2016

Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, Man Ray adopted his pseudonym in 1909 and would become one of the key figures of Dada and Surrealism. One of the few American artists associated with these movements, Ray was exposed to European avant-garde artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque at Alfred Stieglitz’s New York gallery and at the 1913 Armory Show. Ray’s photographic works are considered his most profound achievement, particularly his portraits, fashion photographs, and technical experiments with the medium, such as solarization and rayographs (an eponym for his photograms), which were celebrated by the Surrealists. “I do not photograph nature,” he once said. “I photograph my visions.” In 1915 he was introduced to Marcel Duchamp, who would become a lifelong friend and influence; he subsequently moved to Paris, practicing there for over 20 years.

More on Artsy.

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How NASA Treats Social Media Like a Space Mission


NASA’s social media is out of this world. We look at how NASA creates engaging content to take us further and closer to space than ever before.

If social media was the universe, NASA would have been to every planet by now, and set up a base on each one.

Whenever we look at brands, NASA almost always snags a spot in our best examples, and with good reason too. The engagement numbers are consistently extraordinary. So how has NASA made itself a formidable publisher in its own right?

Read more here.


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Architecture: Iran
Tuesday, 24.05.2016

DOM publishers have published a new book on Architecture in Iran, bringing together meticulous information on single cities and sites.

Thomas Meyer-Wieser
Architekturführer Iran
135 × 245 mm, 480 pages
1000 Images and Illustrations, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-392-6 (German)
EUR 48,00 /CHF 58,60
Published in May 2016

More images and information here.

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Forget everything.


Forget everything.
The internet of things revolutionizes the culture.
It’s not about viral.
Virtual reality is the new pain point.


Meet Richard Colman
Wednesday, 06.04.2016

Richard Colman's work is known for blending figurative imagery and bold geometry. Typically using symmetrical compositions, Colman explores themes of human sexuality, societal hierarchies, life and death. His work ranges from small to large scale painting, murals and installations. Colman has been working as a professional artist for over a decade and has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums throughout the world . Colman currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

Additional Content
2 Images

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Useful Science


Get an overview of interesting and useful science facts with links to unabridged sources. Just great. We wish it was our idea.

Here is what Malcolm Gladwell says: "A group of Canadian grad students have created a website that elegantly summarizes scientific findings. It's genius."

Now go and subscribe their curated newsletter.

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Saturday, 13.02.2016

Manifattura is a digital publication based in New York and Milan, run by Fredrik Gruber, Milena Zuccarelli, Beatriz Lamarca and Cristoffer Övergaard.

The magazine features and works with artists and makers in various fields through collaborative projects and interviews, aiming to inspire others by creating and discovering beautiful work of different formats and origins.

Check out their website: www.manifattura.co


I’m the first of my kind and the only. So therefore I’m the best.
Friday, 12.02.2016

Lengthy interview with 22 year old creative fashion consultant Ian Connor by Mary Tramdack for ssense.com.

Another trend is how social media has opened up so many opportunities that weren’t there previously. But it’s also made the whole fashion and creative industry move at such a fast pace. And you seem like you’re so laid-back. How do you deal with that?

Cause I understand that I’m the first of my kind and the only. So therefore I’m the best. I don’t have to worry about competition and deadlines and shit. So I’m kind of lazy. What’d Rocky call me? “Unreliable sometimes.” [Laughs] Like there are times where he’ll tell me to come into the office and I’ll be like, “Yeah.” But I want to go hang out with the young kids! And I don’t know how to text back sometimes, like it sucks, I have to learn how to grow up with that. But it’s all easy for me. It’s like breathing. Creating for me is like breathing. The emotions that I don’t show for girls or other people, that’s my work right there. That’s my whole existence.

Aside from YEEZY, what are the labels you’re most excited about right now?

I love Palace. I love Bronze. Dime, from Montreal, I love them. So sus and weird. It makes me appreciate the clothes so much more, cause I know how sus [Phil Lavoie] is. And he is like, gone. Supreme still of course. I’m just really a streetwear kid. The high-end shit doesn’t excite me anymore. It’s still my everyday, but… I love J.W. J.W.’s really cool. Vetements. Alyx studios. Alyx is gonna be like… 2016 will be a good year for Matthew. For a fact. Matthew’s been the future. He’s the one that’s like, yo, this thing is the vision! I remember when he used to have like, tattoos, Latin Kings baseball jerseys with loafers, it was just so cool. He’s creative as shit.

Read full interview here.


Thursday, 11.02.2016

Cogito ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am". The phrase originally appeared in French as je pense, donc je suis in his Discourse on the Method, so as to reach a wider audience than Latin would have allowed. It appeared in Latin in his later Principles of Philosophy. As Descartes explained, "[W]e cannot doubt of our existence while we doubt … ." A fuller form, dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum ("I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”)[b], aptly captures Descartes’ intent.
This proposition became a fundamental element of Western philosophy, as it purported to form a secure foundation for knowledge in the face of radical doubt. While other knowledge could be a figment of imagination, deception, or mistake, Descartes asserted that the very act of doubting one's own existence served—at minimum—as proof of the reality of one's own mind; there must be a thinking entity—in this case the self—for there to be a thought.

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Do Independent Magazines need Awards?


Rob Alderson, former Editor-in-Chief of It is nice that, now columnist for Magculture, run by Jeremy Leslie, ponders about indies and awards.

Dear Rob and dear Jeremy,

As independent publishers, here is what we think: No matter how hoary the relationship between creativity and awards are, we know very well that winning plaques is not a proof for creative effectiveness. Yet, any voice given to an independent magazine is a voice/sign in the right direction. It will be educating those who still need education and to learn about the importance of an independent medium, namely brands, advertisers and investors. And besides the independent market can be cleaned and diversified as well; an award could be a good tool.

Read full Rob Aldersons article here.

Coogi, Notorious BIG, Cliff Huxtable

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I Stay Coogi Down to the Socks
Sunday, 31.01.2016

Travelling all the way from the land down under, we bring you the ever classical knitwear label Coogi. Founded in 1969 by Jacky Teranto as Cuggi in Melbourne, Australia, it was renamed in 1987 to Coogi to give it more of an Aussie flair. Featured in a motley of tumultuous hues, the sweater enjoyed it’s first flourish when it became a wardrobe regular on super dad Heathcliff Huxtable from the Bill Cosby Show.

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scottie cameron


Meet: Scottie Cameron
Sunday, 31.01.2016

Scottie Cameron’s work is a result of his interests shaped by skateboarding, surfing, surrealist films, and the fashion world; he was once a men’s wear entrepreneur with his brother. His style touches minimalism with a graphic eye predominated by simple shapes, colors, shadows and a slice of humour. No wonder brands have discovered Scottie Cameron and have commissioned him for their advertising and editorial projects.

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Thursday, 28.01.2016

“Window Seat Please” is a limited edition zine that exposes 10 years of seating next to the window and not the aisle. Usually Karl asks for this seat because he wants to be aware of the outside and to know what’s going outside and what can he capture with his camera.

You can find the zine at colette , piils paris and here if it is not already sold out.

Check out Karl Hab's Tumblr here.

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Who is Harry Slatkin?


Harry Slatkin started making napkins at age 16 with his brother. From there his enterpreneurial journey begun spinning the American way.

The New York Times called him the "king" of home fragrance and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Elton John defer to him when it comes to home fragrance. Founder and creative force behind Slatkin & Co, a home fragrance brand, Slatkin is regarded as one of the country's fragrance experts. Slatkin acquired Belstaff together with Tommy Hilfiger and revamped the brand to international success. His latest venture is about direct selling: Party Lite.

Listen to him on Monocle 24 as Harry Slatkin shares his secrets on how to manage a global team.

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Viktor Frankl


Everything you have in life can be taken from you except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.

This is what determines the quality of the life we've lived – not whether we've been rich or poor, famous or unknown, healthy or suffering. What determines our quality of life is how we relate to these realities, what kind of meaning we assign them, what kind of attitude we cling to about them, what state of mind we allow them to trigger.



Zaatar is a generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herbs from the genera Origanum (oregano), Calamintha (basil thyme), Thymus (typically Thymus vulgaris, i.e., thyme), and Satureja.

The name zaatar alone most properly applies to Origanum syriacum, considered by many to be the hyssop of the Bible.

It is also the name for a condiment made from the dried herbs, mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac, and often salt, as well as other spices. Used in Arab cuisine, both the herb and spice mixture are popular throughout the Middle East, commonly eaten with pita, which is dipped in olive oil and then zaatar.


Qompendium News

Christmas Inspiration
Wednesday, 16.12.2015

Yet another store?

“Yes. After a decade in luxury branding and niche publishing we found ourselves propelled into creating our own retail store.
Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication.”

Kimberly Lloyd,
Founder and Creative Director of Qompendium

Qompendium Print Publication is a selective journey through the multiverse of subjects from the fields of philosophy, art, culture and science.
It is produced in Germany and is a demonstration of premium print culture at its finest in utilizing various paper qualities, numerous custom colours and finishing techniques.
Qompendium is a well-curated, timeless, book-like read for the disillusioned rational yet aesthetically intrigued fountainhead, who is at all times in search of fertile thinking ground — a benchmark for content and production in the magazine environment.

Qompendium Work Shop?
Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication. It is created to nurture our readership with an open and ongoing space to encounter cutting-edge and historically relevant products, ideas and individual talents. 
By opening our own multibrand shopping experience we aim to eliminate the existing hierarchy between global luxury brands and new emerging artists. Qompendium Work Shop operates both offline and online, with worldwide shipping and satellite locations.

Qompendium collaborates with museums, galleries, art collectives, individual artists and independent publishers on a global scale and exhibits their publications and work of art. Qompendium features selected collaborators and art explorations all hand-picked to meet the criteria of quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Qompendium Work Shop satellites are hosted by diverse partners in important hubs around the world.

Product and Price Range?
Qompendium Work Shop sells products from 1 Euro to 5.000 Euros.
We offer an array of meticulously hand-picked printed matter, limited edition collectibles, taxidermies, writing devices, leather goods, high fashion, contemporary pop and fashion culture, ephemera, fine art, antiques and vintage, furniture, photography, accessories, candles, kid’s wear, bubble gums — seemlessly abandoning boundaries between luxury brands and one-off newcomers.

Shop here: http://qompendium.com/workshop/


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Qompendium x Cleartones
Monday, 14.12.2015

We at Qompendium are excited to present to you, dear readership, a very special gift, a result of a collaboration with Hugo Verweij of Cleartones.

There a bazillion of ringtones out there on the market but non so delicately written, so precise, minimal and yet ear piercing as these custom ringtones. You will not miss a phone call.

As a response to the ever growing amount of polyphonic and musical ringtones, Cleartones presents a set of minimalist ringtones and notification tones optimized for the iPhone and Android devices. These simple, monophonic ringtones are designed with a sole purpose: subtle notification.

Like the shoes you wear, a ringtone is part of your outfit. It says something about you. And, like with shoes, you have a choice. You might choose one of the standard ringtones and sound like everyone else. Or choose a custom ringtone. But be aware of the omnidirectional nature of sound: when your favorite Looney Tunes character, your favorite eighties disco anthem or your two-year old kid notifies you of an incoming call, your co-workers, students, or boss will hear it as well. Ringtones should be mood-less, personal, unobtrusive yet functional.

The Qompendium x Cleartones ringtone consists of a clear sound to grab the attention combined with a hidden message - the word QOMPENDIUM in morse code, on a very low volume.

Exclusive and free download here in friendly association with Cleartones. And some very special Qompendium Wallpapers going along with it.

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Who is Anne Leibovitz?


The 43rd edition of the Pirelli Calendar was created by one of the most celebrated American photographers and portraitists, Annie Leibovitz, who shot the work last July in her New York studio. Leibovitz is also the creator of the 2000 Pirelli Calendar, which featured choreographer Mark Morris’s dancers. The 2000 pictures were the first set of nudes of her career.

More on Anne here.

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Behind the Scenes of Pirelli
Tuesday, 01.12.2015

The 43rd edition of the Pirelli Calendar was created by one of the most celebrated American photographers and portraitists, Annie Leibovitz, who shot the work last July in her New York studio. Leibovitz is also the creator of the 2000 Pirelli Calendar, which featured choreographer Mark Morris’s dancers. The 2000 pictures were the first set of nudes of her career.

Unlike previous Pirelli Calendars this time the focus is not on beauty and physiclity but more on intelligent, powerful and beautiful minds embodied by authentic talents.

The 2016 Pirelli Calendar features 13 women of outstanding professional, social, cultural, sporting and artistic accomplishment: actress Yao Chen, the first Chinese UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador; Russian top model Natalia Vodianova, founder of the charity Naked Heart Russia; producer Kathleen Kennedy, the Chairperson of Lucasfilm and one of the most influential figures in Hollywood; art collector and patroness Agnes Gund (with her granddaughter Sadie Rain Hope-Gund), President Emerita of the Museum of Modern Art in New York; tennis player Serena Williams, number one in the world; opinion leader, critic and writer Fran Lebowitz; the President of Ariel Investments, Mellody Hobson, who supports charity projects in Chicago; film director Ava DuVernay, whose films include Selma, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2015; blogger Tavi Gevinson, founder of Style Rookie and online magazine Rookie; Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat; artist, musician and performer Yoko Ono; singer Patti Smith, one of the top rock stars of all time; and the actress and stand-up comedian Amy Schumer.

The women are of different ages and backgrounds and have different kinds of careers. As was the case with the first few Calendars of the Sixties and, more recently, in Peter Lindbergh’s 2002 Calendar, or Patrick Demarchelier’s 2008 and Steve McCurry’s 2013 Calendars, there are no nudes.


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The Battle of the Martyrs
Wednesday, 25.11.2015

Since May 2014, St Paul's Cathedral in London has hosted one of the most recent works by Bill Viola, among the best-known video artists in the world. “Martyrs (Earth, Air, Fire, Water)” is a polyptych that, on four plasma screens, shows the same number of individuals being martyred by the natural elements. Around seven minutes long, the high definition films are shot in colour, without sound.

“At the start of the work,” says Bill Viola, “the four individuals are shown in stasis, a rest from their suffering. Gradually, each scene acquires movement. Each element of nature begins to disturb their calm. Flames descend, the winds begin to be unleashed, water pelts down and the land is raised. While the elements rage, the determination of every martyr remains undimmed. In their most violent aggression, the elements represent the darkest hour of the passage of the martyrs through death to the light. ”

The work is on long-term loan to the leading museum group, Tate, as part of the "St Paul's Cathedral Arts Project", a programme aimed at bringing together art and faith, which will soon be enriched with another work by Viola, dedicated to Mary.

The staging of the prestigious video installation in the splendid setting of the Cathedral was designed by the renowned architectural practice, Foster + Partners, which, for the permanent exhibition structure, assigned Marzorati Ronchetti.

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Support Texturing
Saturday, 14.11.2015

Amazing project: This customizable dithering software applies Turing patterns to your images, rendering them in diverse, stunning, organic shapes.

Among the options available on TexTuring, I want to highlight the possibility to control shape generation by adjusting several parameters at will. Thanks to sliders and a mini-map, it’s easy to set and change the values for the parameter variables and control the results. This way, you can adapt the dither rendering relatively to the original image with great precision.

Read further here.


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nasa, blackest black


The Blackest Black
Thursday, 05.11.2015

UK firm Surrey NanoSystems produces Vantablack, the current record holder for the least-reflective material.

 "There are probably 50 shades of black, if not more. But sometimes, and especially where physicists are concerned, even the blackest black isn’t black enough.

For many years, NASA has used a black paint manufactured by the international aerospace corporation Lord that has a reflectivity of just 3.5%. That’s several per cent lower than conventional black pigments. Dubbed Z306, it was applied to the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as other NASA instruments, to reduce stray light from the Sun, Moon, Earth and indeed the telescope’s own housing. Without it, all those images of distant galaxies and novae might not have appeared quite so spectacular."

Read full article on Physicsworld

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Glengarry Glen Ross: The Music


Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 independent dramatic film, adapted by David Mamet from his acclaimed 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name.

The music for this great movie is composed and selected by James Newton Howard, an eight-time Academy Award nominated American film score composer, orchestrator, and music producer, better known for his frequent collaborations with director M. Night Shyamalan. He is one of the most sought after composers in Hollywood because of his rich and critically acclaimed resume. He is well known for his highly emotional and powerfully subtle music, supplying his talent to an array of films such as The Fugitive, The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village, the two Christopher Nolan Batman films; Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with Hans Zimmer, Peter Jackson's King Kong, I Am Legend, and most recently, Green Lantern.

Get mad you son of a bitch. Get mad.


Alec Baldwin in his role as Blake in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross.


Always be Closing.

Watch Alec Baldwin performing one of the best scenes in the movie Glenngarry Glen Ross in his role as Blake.

A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing.

Coffee’s for closers only.


Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 independent dramatic film, adapted by David Mamet from his acclaimed 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name.

Music, Movie, Drama

Coffee’s for Closers Only
Wednesday, 30.09.2015

Glengarry Glen Ross is a 1992 independent dramatic film, adapted by David Mamet from his acclaimed 1984 Pulitzer Prize- and Tony-winning play of the same name. The film depicts two days in the lives of four real estate salesmen and how they become desperate when the corporate office sends a representative to "motivate" them by announcing that, in one week, all except the top two salesmen will be fired. The film, like the play, is notorious for its use of profanity, leading the cast to jokingly refer to the film as "Death of a Fuckin' Salesman". The actual title of the film comes from the names of two of the real estate developments being peddled by the salesmen characters (Glengarry Highlands and Glen Ross Farms).

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